Hi and welcome to my website. My name is Cameron Horsman, 16 years old, from Forest Hill, London and I have been racing motorbikes since the age of 7. I am totally dedicated to racing, my main focus being to improve with every step I take in the sport.

After many years gaining experience on Mini Moto’s and Metrakits with FAB Racing throughout the UK and taking the mini GP 50 and mini GP 70 Championships, Roger Keys of FAB gave me the opportunity to compete on the Engines Engineering 125GP machine in the HEL British Motostar Championship 2015. Taking my first win of 2015 on this machine at Knockhill, a succession of further wins closely followed, with the highlight being a double 1st at Assen Circuit. During the season I was mentored by Roberto Baglioni, from Engines Engineering, who advanced my technique, skill and outlook to racing.

The end of the 2015 season saw me finishing 6th place in the championship, starting the season on a loaned Honda from Alistaire at Motor Sense, and missing the last round at Brands Hatch in September to attend the Red Bull Rookies selection event; I made it to the final stage, but sadly no British rider was selected.

The 2016 season saw me competing on-board a standard Honda NSF250R machine as a rider for the FAB Racing Team in the HEL Performance British Motostar Championship Standard Class, a support class within the British Superbike Championship. Towards the end of May 2016, I was invited to compete in the Moto 3 Open class of the Alpe Adria Road Racing Championship, riding the Engines Engineering 125GP machine. This championship is open to competitors from all over Europe, taking place within the countries of the Alpine-Adriatic region: Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia and Czech Republic. Supported by Roberto Baglioni, who mentored me while ensuring the EE125 was race ready, I succeeded in winning the Championship and being the only rider from the UK also represented my country.

2017 and I am competing in HEL Performance British Motostar Championship standard class on my Honda NSF250R a gain racing for the FAB team. The current year will be somewhat of a juggling act for me having to balance racing around GCSE exams so may not be able to compete in every round.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank FAB Racing, Nova Racing, Engines Engineering, Roberto, all of my Sponsors, Forest Hill Boys School for leave of absence to compete and my Family and Friends for their support, all of which have contributed to my success and achievements to date.

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