Horsman misses out on British Talent Cup title by 0.057 seconds

There was an unbelievable climax to the British Talent Cup at Silverstone this weekend. There were only two of the Moto3 riders battling for the title but 22 wanted to win one or both of the final two races of the season. Londoner Horsman was 16 points adrift of Scott Ogden at the start of play but he led the championship overnight after a
fantastic win in race one. The points were tied but Horsman had more race wins than his rival.

In race two it went to the final corner of the eleventh lap of the 3.7-mile Silverstone circuit. Despite Horsman leading large parts of the race, Jack Nixon took the win and Ogden pipped Horsman by 0.073 seconds at the finish line as they ended the race second and third.

The Forest Hill rider had to settle for the runner up spot in what has been a fantastic season for the 18-year-old.

Race weekend at Silverstone
Horsman was under no illusion of the task ahead when he arrived for the final weekend. He had a significant points gap. His rival from Doncaster had finished every race and only failed tostand on the podium once in the ten previous outings. Horsman record was equally as impressive. The rider from Forest Hill had stood on the podium in all the races he had finished bar one and that was due to a mechanical problem. His only DNF was a result of another rider
taking him out.

After too very good free practice sessions Horsman lead the timesheet in FP2 and was looking towards a good qualifying session. However, the 30-minute session didn’t good to plan. A lot of riders had seen how fast Horsman was and were using him for a tow. He found riders going passed him and then slowing. He struggled throughout to find a clear lap and only managed the 8 th fastest time. His main rival Ogden had qualified in fourth.

Despite his qualifying position Horsman was confident for the first race. He knew he had the pace and was sure that if he made a good start then over the 11 laps of the 3.7-mile circuit he would be challenging at the front.

Race One
Horsman knew what he had to do. He had to win the 11 lap race and hope that a fair number of other riders finished ahead of Ogden to give him a chance of taking the title in race two. It started well for Horsman. Although Ogden gained a position in the first corner to move into third, Horsman was quickly into sixth place. A few corners later and he was up to fifth. He continued his progress overtaking Ogden and eventually crossing the line for the first time in an impressive third position.

Horsman and Brian Hart then started to break away from the rest of the field. Over the next few laps they managed to open a gap of between eight-tenths and one second over the chasing riders. Hart and Horsman traded the lead at the front of the race on several occasions.

With eight laps remaining Fenton Seabright and Rhys Irwin began to reel the front two in. The front group briefly became four. However, Scott Ogden had come through and was not far behind.

The following lap and the front group had become an eighteen-wheel train of nine bikes all looking to make it to the podium. Ogden had set the races fastest lap at the time, as he tried to ensure he was in the hunt for the race win.

On the penultimate lap we saw a familiar scene with Horsman and Ogden leading the field. However, the other seven riders were on their tails. After Horsman had led most of the race Ogden moved into the lead through Stowe Corner. Horsman kept calm and hit back when they came through Abbey to re-take the lead on the final lap.

As the riders went through Becketts for the last time, Fenton Seabright came through to second position and Ogden dropped to third. Horsman put the hammer down and as Nixon then came through into second the number 23 of Horsman had opened a gap of around half-a-second on those squabbling behind.

Ogden then dropped to fifth and then raised his hand as he appeared to have a problem with his bike.

Horsman held his nerve and went on to take the race victory by more than eight-tenths of a second over Jack Nixon with Fenton Seabright third. More importantly from Horsman’s point of view was that Ogden came across the line in seventh.
Horsman collected 25 precious points for the race victory. Ogden took nine. You could not have written a better script for the final race of the British Talent Cup. The two riders who have been at the front of this championship the whole season were tied on 201 points each with one race to go. Horsman now led the series on account of his five race wins to Ogden’s three.

Race Two
Whoever finished ahead of the other out of Ogden and Horsman would become British Talent Cup Champion 2019.

Horsman’s start to the second 11 lap race was a little more subdued as he remained in eighth place through the opening curves, whilst Ogden leapt from fourth to second. However, in the second half of the lap he came into his own as he moved through into fourth place with Ogden just behind him.

The positions changed with such regularity between the leading riders in the opening laps, it was difficult to keep pace. Fenton Seabright led for a while, so did Charlie Farrer. There were times when we saw four riders abreast as they headed towards Maggotts. Ogden and Horsman keen to keep out of trouble but also aware that they needed to beat each other.

Horsman was never shy to lead the race although he shared this duty with Seabright early on. At times it looked like Ogden might get bogged down in the pack but when he needed to he was able to move through the field to make sure he kept in touch.

Ogden set his fastest lap with two to go and we saw him hook onto the back wheel of the race leader Cameron Horsman. Ogden took the lead riding round the outside at Stowe Corner but Horsman struck back quickly to regain first position.

On the final lap there were four of them jostling for the lead as Horsman led down the Hangar Straight. All three riders slipstreamed Horsman leaving him fourth through Stowe Corner. Nixon and Ogden touched but both stayed upright. Horsman overtook Seabright to take third as they arrived at Vale. As the came onto the Wellington Straight for the final time Horsman was back in the lead, Ogden on his back wheel and then Nixon in third. Ogden slipstreamed
Horsman but Nixon slipstreamed both to take the race lead through Brooklands. Ogden had the inside line through Luffield. Horsman pulled out of the slipstream through the final corner of Woodcote but the run to the finish line was too short. The difference was just 0.073 seconds.

The title was gone.

Cameron Horsman finished on 217 points to Ogden’s 221. During the season Horsman won five races, more than any other rider in the championship, and had he not been taken out at Donington Park the season could have ended differently.

Horsman said, “Firstly, congratulations to Scott Ogden on taking the British Talent Cup title. He’s ridden well all season.

Coming into the weekend I didn’t really think I had much hope of clawing back 16 points but I never give up so was determined to give it a go. Having got so close I can’t deny I feel disappointed. The reality is I couldn’t have done anymore. I had two races in the whole season when I didn’t score points and neither of those where my fault.

Clearly everyone wants to win but I have to look back at my British Talent Cup season and think that although I was second I have achieved a lot and improved so much as a rider. Thank you to Dorna Sports and all the guys that help organise the series, I have had two wonderful years in this championship.”

After Cameron Horsman’s fantastic achievements in the British Talent Cup come to a close there is still the matter of the standard Moto3 championship, British Motostar, to conclude. That championship is a support class of the British Superbike series. Horsman is currently second in that, two points behind none other than Scott Ogden with eight races to go.

Words: Jeremy Ryan

Photos: Bonnie Lane

Superb Horsman keeps championship alive at Brno

18-year-old Cameron Horsman secured a superb race win in Brno in the Czech Republic to keep his championship title hopes alive. The Moto3 rider from Forest Hill was competing in the penultimate round of the British Talent Cup. In race one he suffered a mechanical problem which saw him lose ground on the championship leader. He responded in a way anyone who knows him knows he would by taking a superb victory in a four-way fight in race two. With two races remaining he lies second in the Championship 16 points behind the leader.

The 19 riders in the Dorna Sports supported series were lucky enough to form part of the MotoGP circus last weekend in the only non-UK round of the championship. These potential future stars of motorcycle racing got to rub shoulders with the current MotoGP stars and got a sense of what racing at the top must be like.

The weekend started well for Horsman finishing the two free practice session in third overall. The third and final session of day one was qualifying. Horsman slashed his free practice times with a 2:15.179 and he lined up in the top five for the grid.

Race One
The first of the two 14 lap races took place in pouring rain. The riders were competing on a GP circuit and would cover a total of around 75 kilometres by the end of the race, possible the longest race most of them will have ever competed in.

Apart from the poor conditions the race must have felt even longer for Londoner Horsman as his bike developed a technical issue immediately the race started. He quickly dropped to fourteenth by the end of the second lap. His lap times were so
uncompetitive to the other riders he was more than 3 seconds a lap down. There was nothing he could do but nurse the bike through 14 laps of rain soaked track. He eventually brought the bike home 16 th and out of the points. Ogden, his main rival
came home fourth and extended his championship lead from 12 to 25 points.

Race Two
The weather was a vast improvement on the previous day. The sun shone and the track was dry. As the lights went out Horsman made a superb start bolting from fifth on the grid to second into the first turn. A few corners later and he worked his way by Brian Hart to take the race lead but he was unable to hold it. Horsman knew he had to beat his main rival Ogden and reduce the points difference to stand a chance of keeping the title alive.

Over the next few laps Fenton Seabright and Brian Hart managed to open a gap over the chasing four riders of Scott Ogden the championship leader, Cameron Horsman, Jack Nixon and Rhys Irwin. They regularly traded places which provided some excellent
racing to watch but also meant the front two of Seabright and Hart made a gap of three seconds at one point.

Later in the race Nixon dropped out of the chasing group of four as they began to reel in the leading two. Horsman needed to gain ground on Ogden, especially after the events of race one but the rider from Doncaster was always in the thick of the action in the chasing group.

In the second half of the race Horsman and Ogden began to drop Irwin as they caught Hart and Seabright at the front of the race. This made it a four-way battle for the race victory with just a couple of laps remaining. At turn 13 Horsman managed to move up to third position in the leading four.

As they started the last lap Scott Ogden headed the race through the first corner but no one was giving an inch. Down the back straight the riders were three abreast as Horsman was bravest on the brakes and flew into the race lead, followed by Brian Hart and Scott Ogden. Being at the front through the final few corners is not always the best place to be on a Moto3 machine but Horsman defended his line expertly and held on to take his fourth victory of the campaign.

With Ogden finishing third Horsman clawed back 9 points on the championship leader.

The title race is now between Scott Ogden and Cameron Horsman. Ogden has 192 points going into the final round at Silverstone, whilst Horsman sits on 176. The final round takes place on 23 to 25 August 2019 where the British Talent Cup Champion will be decided.

However, Horsman will see more Moto3 track action on 16 to 18 August 2019 as he tries to defend his championship lead in the British Motostar Championship at Cadwell Park.

Cameron Horsman said, “We suffered some bad luck yesterday with the mechanical problem. I arrived here just 12 points behind Scott but after yesterday the gap was 25 points. But that’s racing. It could have been Scott’s bike or someone else’s but
yesterday it was mine. I just knew I had to try my hardest today and try and hope there were as many riders as possible between me and Scott. I really enjoyed the victory because it was tough. Now we can go to Silverstone still with a chance of the title.”

Words: Jeremy Ryan

Photos: Dorna Sports

Horsman cuts gap to championship leader to just 12 points

With a race victory and a second place finish at Snetterton 300, Cameron Horsman has reduced the gap between himself and the championship leader. The Forest Hill rider shortened Ogden’s advantage by nine points over the weekend with four races of the season remaining.

Free Practice
First thing on Friday morning the British Talent Cup riders took to the Snetterton 300 circuit for the first of two 30-minute sessions. Cameron Horsman was quickly up to speed setting a 2:06.599, which put him at the top of the timesheet ahead of Swann and Farrer.
The second session was strange because the British weather was playing tricks. The organiser’s decided to send the riders out on wet tyres. However, no rain materialised and the track remained dry. It meant a rather frustrating 30-minute session of circulating with wet tyres on a dry track.

The qualifying session on Saturday morning was damp. Horsman initially struggled to find his rhythm and was moving between 11 th and 15 th position in the standings. With the clock ticking he needed to make a good lap time.
He found himself on the track with another quick rider, Fenton Seabright, and neither wanting to give a tow to the other. Horsman came into the pits returning to the circuit with around 12 minutes left.
He moved up to 13 th place with little over five minutes left. He was then bogged down with some slower traffic but managed to make some clear space with three minutes left. It was getting very late in the session but Horsman pushed on and managed to finish with the fourth best time.

Race One
Again the riders found themselves on wet tyres and a drying track for the 14 lap race. Horsman was quick off the grid and made up one place early on the first lap. As expected, Seabright who had secured pole position by some margin, immediately made a break at the front of the race. Initially Brian Hart went with him but crashed out.
Horsman was in the chasing group with Scott Swann, Jack Nixon and the championship leader Scott Ogden. By the middle of the race positions were changing frequently. The rider in third moved into second only to find they were then out dragged into turn one and discovered they were back down in fourth again.
The Forest Hill racer made a great move on lap eight as the four riders approached the corners of Brundle and Nelson. First switching left then right through the two corners he exited in second position once again.
As positions continued to swap he made another impressive overtake on the tenth lap. Showing a lot of faith in the front end of his Honda NSF250R he took a tight line through Riches to retake second for another time.
Such was the nature of the race, two laps later he was fourth. Ogden and Nixon had managed to overtake the 18-year-old. With Ogden looking to break away, Horsman was keen to get ahead of the championship leader to reduce his points deficit.
He tried on lap twelve at the end of the Bentley Straight as they approached Brundle once more, but Nixon shut the door. He then went round the outside at Coram which left Horsman and Nixon side by side. Horsman now had the inside line and was through and up into third place.
As they started the final lap Horsman wasted no time in drafting by Ogden and braking late into turn one. He was again in second position. More importantly he was in front of the championship leader. Horsman got the hammer down and managed to open a gap of four or five bike lengths over Ogden in third. The rider from Doncaster did his best to close up on Horsman but the Londoner held on to take the runner up spot, behind Fenton Seabright.
With Ogden finishing third Horsman managed to reduce the gap in the championship between them to 17 points.

Race Two
There were no difficulties with the tyres or the track for the Sunday morning race. The weather conditions were stable throughout the morning.
Horsman again made a good start to the race slotting into third position behind Fenton Seabright and Brian Hart. Seabright was looking to pull-away from the field as he did in race one. Fully away of this, Horsman made quick work of Hart moving up into second place on the second lap.
Horsman then closed the gap to the race leader and overtook him at the end of the Bentley Straight going into Brundle. Horsman and Seabright were then able to increase their lead at the front of the race until it reached more than five seconds.
The two again fought for the race lead but neither was able to open a gap over the other. Seabright was strong on the brakes into turn one whilst Horsman’s favourite manouvere was to pass going through the left hander of Brundle before flicking right into Nelson.
Further back the Championship Leader Scott Ogden was making gains in the pack of riders and by the halfway stage was running third.
Perhaps sensing that by fighting between themselves Ogden would be able to catch them, Seabright spent the final few laps tucked in behind Horsman. This enabled them to maintain the gap but also meant Horsman was susceptible to a last lap attack from Seabright.
Going into turn one on the final lap Horsman held the race lead. But still he couldn’t get any clear air between them. This time it was Seabright who made the most of the slipstream down the Bentley Straight. He took over the race lead as they rolled left into Brundle. Horsman pushed hard through Coram but was still in second. As they came to the final corner of
Murrays Seabright still had the edge.
As they entered however, Seabright was fighting for control of his front wheel. It moved a couple of times but he held it together. Then as he accelerated away and looked for the finish line he squeezed the throttle a bit too much and he high-sided out of the race.
It nearly ended in tragedy for both of them but Horsman expertly managed to avoid the falling motorcycle. He had to run onto the grass but kept calm and more importantly kept the bike upright.
Returning to the track, still at high speed, he was able to take his third win of the season. Scott Ogden was able to cross the line a distant second but Horsman had importantly taken another five points out of his championship lead.
The next round of the British Talent Cup takes place in the Czech Republic at the Brno circuit 2 nd to 4 th August. There are just four races remaining for Horsman to try and claw back the 12 points he trails the championship leader.

Cameron Horsman said,” It was great to get the win and these two results mean I have cut the gap between me and Scott. It is still a tall order, with just four races to go, but all we can do is think about our races, doing our best and trying to win as many as possible and see what happens. There’s not a lot of rest though as we are now up against each other in the British Motostar Championship at Thruxton and Cadwell Park.”

Words: Jeremy Ryan

Photos: Bonnie Lane

Two more rostrums for Cameron Horsman

18-year-old Moto3 competitor Cameron Horsman stepped on the podium twice in round three of the British Talent Cup as he
incredible 2019 season continues.

Two hard-fought second places gave the Forest Hill motorcycle racer another 40 championship points which put him second
overall in the British Talent Cup.

After taking over at the top of the British Motostar standard Moto3 classchampionship in the British Superbike series a week
ago, Horsman went to Donington Park last weekend for the third round of the British Talent Cup. This standard Moto3
series organised by the rights holders of MotoGP, Dorna Sports, forms part of their Road to MotoGP. The best riders will
hopefully go on to race at World MotoGP or World Superbike level.

Unusually, Horsman struggled to match the pace of the fastest two riders in qualifying. He finished down in fourth some
0.631 seconds behind the pole-sitter.

However, in the first race he wasted no time with an excellent getaway from the grid.
He quickly moved into third position as the riders tipped into the first corner. It had rained about an hour before the race
started so the riders needed to be careful in the opening laps. There was only a thin dry line on the track surface early

However, the three quickest riders soon broke away and it didn’t seem as if the track conditions were causing them too many
problems. With 13 of the 15 laps remaining Horsman hit the front of the race as he came out of the Schwantz Curve and headed
towards McLeans Corner.

The three at the front soon became a group of five as two other corners tagged on the back. Seabright took over at the front
and started to open a gap. But within four laps the chasing group had reeled him back in.

With 5 laps remaining Seabright crashed out of second. Despite setting one of his fastest laps on the penultimate lap
Horsman had to settle for second position at the finish line.

In the second race of the weekend it was again Ogden Seabright and Horsman who set off at the front of the race. The pace of
Seabright and Ogden seemed too much for Horsman in the early laps as he exerted all his efforts to stay in touch.

He dropped back almost a second from the leading two. At the halfway stage of the race he managed to improve his pace. He
went on to set some fast lap times and was able to claw back the gap to the leading two riders.

With six laps remaining, Horsman made a move up into second position into the Foggy Esses. He then took the race lead on the
penultimate lap overtaking race leader Scott Ogden. The lead changed several times on the final lap of the race. Ogden
returned to the front before Seabright overtook both Horseman and Ogden through the Melbourne Hairpin. Horsman missed out on
victory by a couple of bike lengths as he claimed his second podium finish of a thrilling racing weekend.

Words: Jeremy Ryan

Photos: Bonnie Lane

Bittersweet for Horsman despite a race victory at Donington Park

Forest Hill Moto3 racer Cameron Horsman took his second race victory of the season at Donington Park National circuit last weekend in round two of the British Talent Cup. It looked like he would be back on the podium in the second race until an over ambitious move by another rider, at the final chicane, saw Horsman skittled out through no fault of his own.

The 18-year old had led the championship overnight but left Donington Park a little disappointed as his main rival took the win in race two. Horsman now finds himself second in the standings some 20 points behind the leader.

Free Practice
Conditions were good for both free practice sessions on Friday. In the first thirty minute session Horsman ended the session third fastest overall. In the second he cut six-tenths off his lap time as he grew in confidence with his Moto3 machine on the circuit and ended the day on top with a time of 1:15.109.

Early on Saturday morning Horsman and the other 21 British Talent Cup riders were back out on the two-mile Donington National Circuit. The important qualifying session would determine where the riders started in both races this weekend. Horsman was always in the top positions of a tightly fought contest. In the end he had to settle for fourth place missing out on the front row by just 0.017 seconds.

Race One
Horsman didn’t get the holeshot but quickly moved into the race lead at the Old Hairpin on lap one. The riding was hard but fair as three or four riders battled for the lead over the next 24 laps. Charlie Farrer, Fenton Seabright and then later on Scott Ogden all posed serious questions of Horsman.

But it was the London rider that got to the front on the final lap and held on to take the race victory and put himself five points clear of main title rival Ogden.

Race Two
The riders were all prepared to start a 24 lap race on slick tyres when the rain fell at Donington. The organisers quickly declared it a wet race and all the bikes were changed to wet tyres. As you would expect with the British weather the sun then came out as the shortened 16 lap race began.

Cameron Horsman wasted no time, and was clearly confident in the mixed conditions as he took the lead into the first corner. Initially, Horsman was battling with Fenton Seabright for the lead. Horsman’s main rival Ogden came through the field to join the leading two riders to form a group of three at the front. By the end of the sixth lap Horsman had managed to open a gap of around a second over his two rivals but Ogden then managed to pass Seabright and the two chasing riders quickly closed down the lead Horsman had made.

The rain flag came out as spots began to fall again and the pace at the front of the race began to drop. The three front runners were later caught by two other riders making it a group of five on the final lap.

Unfortunately, one of those riders braked too late into the final chicane and lost control of his bike. Horsman who was tucked in behind the race leader Ogden was the innocent victim as the fallen rider’s bike slid into his sending him tumbling out of the race.

Cameron Horsman said, “The weekend started really positively and we seemed to be in control. Although we qualified fourth I knew we had the race pace. It worked perfectly in race one and was looking good in race two until I was taken out. From podium to nothing is a bit hard to take but that is racing. We have to stay positive and do our best again in the next round.”

His next race is at Brands Hatch on 14 to 16 June 2019 in the British Motostar Championship.
The British Talent Cup continues in July, again at Donington but this time on the GP circuit.

Words: Jeremy Ryan

Photos: Bonnie Lane

Horsman takes a victory and a third at the opening round of the British

Talent Cup.
17-year-old Cameron Horsman took a well-deserved race victory after a 28 lap battle in the second race at Silverstone at the weekend. After his third place in race one he is the early joint leader of the championship.

Free Practice
Cameron Horsman was glad to be reacquainted with his British Talent Cup Moto3 machine after the long winter break.

In the cool temperature of the first free practice session Horsman posted a 1:03.927 which put him in 12 th position 0.837 seconds behind the fastest rider.

In the warm afternoon session Horsman managed to complete 28 laps and sliced a huge 1.6 seconds off his lap time moving up to fifth overall (1:02.306).

The 23 British talent Cup riders were up early again on Saturday as theirs was the first qualifying session of the day. In an extremely tight half an hour Horsman managed to cut his
time from yesterday to 1:02.127 which will see him line up 7 th on the gird. The field are so close that his time is just of a quarter of a second from pole position. The top fifteen riders are all within a second of each other.

Race One
The first 28 lap race of the weekend was a thrilling race with upwards of ten riders battling for the podium. Horsman made a superb start to the race gaining three places on the opening lap.

He was soon contesting the lead of the race with several other riders. At the halfway stage Horsman managed to open a half-a-second gap at the front of the race. However, the pack
behind him began to claw back the advantage.

Going into the final laps Horsman managed to maintain the lead. He was under intense pressure as they approach the final couple of corners and Scott Ogden and Brain Hart managed to squeeze through. As they crossed the line Horsman had to settle for third place.
The racing was so close he missed the victory by just 0.104 seconds.

Race Two
Under a cloudless sky in Northamptonshire, Horsman made a solid start running seventh in the early laps trying to avoid any problems in the opening laps. He made his way through to the
front of the race and ion lap ten pulled off an audacious overtake passing two riders through Maggots.

By lap twelve Cameron Horsman was looking to make a break at the front. However, the other nine riders in the leading group pulled back up to him quickly enough.

The lead changed regularly throughout the second half of the race but the rider from Forest Hill was always in the battle for the lead.

On the final lap Jack Hart overtook Horsman going into the first corner. Horsman hit back at Maggots to regain the race lead as they headed four abreast along the Wellington Straight.
Despite immense pressure from Jack Hart and Scott Ogden Horsman retained his composure and took his first and a well-deserved British Talent Cup victory.

Cameron Horsman said, “It started off slowly in FP1. We made some changes to the bike so FP2 was better. In qualifying I got held up but seventh was OK because it was all so close. I was happy with that. In race one I led for most of it but got slipstreamed into the second to last corner. Race two was similar, I led for a lot but this time I knew what I had to do on the last lap in the final corners and managed to get the win.”

Words: Jeremy Ryan
Photos: Kerry Rawson