Horsman cuts gap to championship leader to just 12 points

With a race victory and a second place finish at Snetterton 300, Cameron Horsman has reduced the gap between himself and the championship leader. The Forest Hill rider shortened Ogden’s advantage by nine points over the weekend with four races of the season remaining.

Free Practice
First thing on Friday morning the British Talent Cup riders took to the Snetterton 300 circuit for the first of two 30-minute sessions. Cameron Horsman was quickly up to speed setting a 2:06.599, which put him at the top of the timesheet ahead of Swann and Farrer.
The second session was strange because the British weather was playing tricks. The organiser’s decided to send the riders out on wet tyres. However, no rain materialised and the track remained dry. It meant a rather frustrating 30-minute session of circulating with wet tyres on a dry track.

The qualifying session on Saturday morning was damp. Horsman initially struggled to find his rhythm and was moving between 11 th and 15 th position in the standings. With the clock ticking he needed to make a good lap time.
He found himself on the track with another quick rider, Fenton Seabright, and neither wanting to give a tow to the other. Horsman came into the pits returning to the circuit with around 12 minutes left.
He moved up to 13 th place with little over five minutes left. He was then bogged down with some slower traffic but managed to make some clear space with three minutes left. It was getting very late in the session but Horsman pushed on and managed to finish with the fourth best time.

Race One
Again the riders found themselves on wet tyres and a drying track for the 14 lap race. Horsman was quick off the grid and made up one place early on the first lap. As expected, Seabright who had secured pole position by some margin, immediately made a break at the front of the race. Initially Brian Hart went with him but crashed out.
Horsman was in the chasing group with Scott Swann, Jack Nixon and the championship leader Scott Ogden. By the middle of the race positions were changing frequently. The rider in third moved into second only to find they were then out dragged into turn one and discovered they were back down in fourth again.
The Forest Hill racer made a great move on lap eight as the four riders approached the corners of Brundle and Nelson. First switching left then right through the two corners he exited in second position once again.
As positions continued to swap he made another impressive overtake on the tenth lap. Showing a lot of faith in the front end of his Honda NSF250R he took a tight line through Riches to retake second for another time.
Such was the nature of the race, two laps later he was fourth. Ogden and Nixon had managed to overtake the 18-year-old. With Ogden looking to break away, Horsman was keen to get ahead of the championship leader to reduce his points deficit.
He tried on lap twelve at the end of the Bentley Straight as they approached Brundle once more, but Nixon shut the door. He then went round the outside at Coram which left Horsman and Nixon side by side. Horsman now had the inside line and was through and up into third place.
As they started the final lap Horsman wasted no time in drafting by Ogden and braking late into turn one. He was again in second position. More importantly he was in front of the championship leader. Horsman got the hammer down and managed to open a gap of four or five bike lengths over Ogden in third. The rider from Doncaster did his best to close up on Horsman but the Londoner held on to take the runner up spot, behind Fenton Seabright.
With Ogden finishing third Horsman managed to reduce the gap in the championship between them to 17 points.

Race Two
There were no difficulties with the tyres or the track for the Sunday morning race. The weather conditions were stable throughout the morning.
Horsman again made a good start to the race slotting into third position behind Fenton Seabright and Brian Hart. Seabright was looking to pull-away from the field as he did in race one. Fully away of this, Horsman made quick work of Hart moving up into second place on the second lap.
Horsman then closed the gap to the race leader and overtook him at the end of the Bentley Straight going into Brundle. Horsman and Seabright were then able to increase their lead at the front of the race until it reached more than five seconds.
The two again fought for the race lead but neither was able to open a gap over the other. Seabright was strong on the brakes into turn one whilst Horsman’s favourite manouvere was to pass going through the left hander of Brundle before flicking right into Nelson.
Further back the Championship Leader Scott Ogden was making gains in the pack of riders and by the halfway stage was running third.
Perhaps sensing that by fighting between themselves Ogden would be able to catch them, Seabright spent the final few laps tucked in behind Horsman. This enabled them to maintain the gap but also meant Horsman was susceptible to a last lap attack from Seabright.
Going into turn one on the final lap Horsman held the race lead. But still he couldn’t get any clear air between them. This time it was Seabright who made the most of the slipstream down the Bentley Straight. He took over the race lead as they rolled left into Brundle. Horsman pushed hard through Coram but was still in second. As they came to the final corner of
Murrays Seabright still had the edge.
As they entered however, Seabright was fighting for control of his front wheel. It moved a couple of times but he held it together. Then as he accelerated away and looked for the finish line he squeezed the throttle a bit too much and he high-sided out of the race.
It nearly ended in tragedy for both of them but Horsman expertly managed to avoid the falling motorcycle. He had to run onto the grass but kept calm and more importantly kept the bike upright.
Returning to the track, still at high speed, he was able to take his third win of the season. Scott Ogden was able to cross the line a distant second but Horsman had importantly taken another five points out of his championship lead.
The next round of the British Talent Cup takes place in the Czech Republic at the Brno circuit 2 nd to 4 th August. There are just four races remaining for Horsman to try and claw back the 12 points he trails the championship leader.

Cameron Horsman said,” It was great to get the win and these two results mean I have cut the gap between me and Scott. It is still a tall order, with just four races to go, but all we can do is think about our races, doing our best and trying to win as many as possible and see what happens. There’s not a lot of rest though as we are now up against each other in the British Motostar Championship at Thruxton and Cadwell Park.”

Words: Jeremy Ryan

Photos: Bonnie Lane